Industry Forum

Industry Forum on Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence

IEEE INDIN’20 will host three Industry Forum sessions during the conference, addressing the Industrial Applications of Artificial Intelligence. Industry Forum is an IES program for Industry to engage with research in a productive manner. Industry speakers are invited to discuss industry, technology directions, and, most importantly, challenges for the companies. These presentations inform the attendees on the vision and application of technologies in business and what challenges companies are encountering. Another aspect of this forum is that it offers the opportunity for researchers to study the particular challenge and know the contact in the companies should they have a solution that the company might utilize. We want all conference attendees to engage in the Industry Forum and listen to the presentations of our industry speakers so all communities can benefit.

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    July 12-15, 2020

    Online Registration Deadline

    July 6, 2020

    On-site Registration Dates

    July 12-15, 2020